Coming Soon

Future Developments

Numerous new features of our database are being actively developed. 

We are always working on ways for volunteers and citizen scientists to help us get more of the existing published data added to the database.

  • The upcoming data-review feature will help increase the quality of the data submitted and thus allow for a broader range of new editors, from various backgrounds, to add published data to the database.
    • Admin will be able to approve/edit/reject data submitted by the editors.
    • Editors will be able to review data they have submitted.
    • Communication between editors and admin will be facilitated within the UI of the database page. 
  • Additional ways to see and download exactly the data you want in the search results grid. You will be able to show and hide columns, filter data by publication date ranges, and more.


Registered users can submit new publications to the project through our Submit Publication page and leave feedback on new features by clicking "Leave Feedback" in the user menu.

Publications being added to the database:

Publications to be added to the BatBase database.